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Customer Testimonials

"Your classes are always so helpful and healing, especially in difficult times..." 

                                    - Nicole M.


".. been taking your classes more often now and because of that I feel fantastic! It really helps in so many ways and just wanted to let you know." 

                                      -Josep B.

"One of the things that impresses me about your sessions, and there are many, is how articulate you are: you explain things so well and you use clever similes and metaphors to help get your message across. It’s been such a blessing to be able to tune in to your classes, especially during these past insane months!"                 

                                        - Jim R.

"Last class was sooooo great for my feet and all the fascia. Everytime I did a Warrior 1 or 2, I discovered a little corner of my foot that was not getting the love it needed. It was a really strong and grounding practice. The yoga nidra also put me into a really reflective space all week. :-)  Looking forward to next class!"

                                        -Jean F.

"'s chocolate to my soul." 


                                     -Donna H.